Our architectural studio is a “symphonic orchestra”.

In our view, an architecture studio should have many different competencies in their team, and each employee or member should have their key role in the development of every project.

We like to interpret architecture like symphonic music and we aspire to realize for each of our clients an architectural work created as a musical opera, where the balance and harmony of every project detail become the musical sheet on which we design the final work.

The architectural firm Lazarou & Michael, Partners Architects, based in Cyprus, was established in 1996 by architects Lazarou Lazaros and Michael Michalis. In 2004, the firm achieved ISO certification, making it one of the pioneering offices in the country to do so. It stands out as one of the leading architectural practices in Cyprus in terms of the number of projects it has undertaken and is a trailblazer in aesthetic principles, construction methods, and operational approaches, both in-house and on-site.

If we were to encapsulate our guiding philosophy in a single word, it would be 'Professionalism.' Lazarou & Michael, Partners Architects is committed to delivering our services at the highest professional standards across all aspects. They firmly believe that this is the only way to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

What defines the firm's character, and what makes it distinctive, is the dynamic interaction between different schools of thought, which are embodied by the senior partners. Mr. Lazarou, a graduate of IUAV (University Institute of Venice), represents the European design theory, while Mr. Michael, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Graduate School, brings the American perspective to architecture.

This unique character is also cultivated throughout the entire staff, who bring diverse design theories to the table, stemming from their international backgrounds spanning from Europe to the Middle East. This ensures that creativity and innovation are not only encouraged but actively pursued.

Depending on the specific project at hand, teams are assembled, and each staff member has a high degree of specialization in their respective roles, ranging from large-scale urban design to intricate interior design.

Lastly, our firm is distinguished by its substantial investment in technology. We utilize the latest CAD, 3D modeling, and rendering techniques, and all information is stored electronically, with the constant presence of an IT consultant to ensure efficiency and modernity in our operations.


What we do

Lazarou & Michael, Partners Architects has engaged in a diverse range of projects, serving as designers, contract managers (for owner-contractor contracts), and project developers. In addition to creating innovative designs, we also possess expertise in the preservation of historical structures.

By taking a highly interdisciplinary approach to spatial development, our portfolio encompasses a wide array of projects, including commercial, residential, and public buildings, as well as both private and public recreational landscape areas. Furthermore, our involvement extends to numerous other ventures, such as individual property owner projects, restaurant and shop interior renovations, and various renovation projects.

The firm's primary focus has been on Cyprus, where they have successfully executed numerous projects in major cities like Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos, while also contributing to initiatives in various locations across the island. After gaining valuable international experience through projects in Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania, Lazarou & Michael, Partners Architects is now poised to expand to the international arena and enter the real estate market in neighboring Arab regions and mainland Europe.

Company Information
Directors Mr. Lazaros Lazarou / Mr. Michalis Michael
Number of Employees 1-50
Head Office
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Rigainis 13A , Lazarou & Michael Architects , Limassol 3035 , Cyprus
P.O. Box: 53221
P.O. Box Postal Code: 3301

Mr. Lazaros Lazarou/ Mr. Michalis Michael (Managing Directors)
lm.arch [ at ] cytanet.com.cy
+357 25 748 566
+357 25 748 559
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